John F. Harkins
Mechanical Expert Witness

Phone: 484-461-3000
Cell: 610-955-6200

Professional Expert Category

Defendant: Waldinger vs. Harkins; In1985

JOHN F. HARKINS CO., INC. v. WALDINGER CORP. No. 85-5695. 796 F.2d 657 (1986) JOHN F. HARKINS COMPANY, INC. v. The WALDINGER CORPORATION, Appellant. United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit. Rehearing and Rehearing Denied August 20, 1986. James E. Stephenson (Argued), Brian G. Corgan, Smith, Currie & Hancock, Atlanta, Ga., Gary J. Lesneski, Archer […]

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Plaintiff: The School District of Philadelphia

John F. Harkins Co. v. SCH. DIST. OF PHIL. – Justia In this appeal we are asked to review the trial court’s determination of the amount of increased compensation which a plumbing contractor was entitled to receive after the School District of the City of Philadelphia had temporarily advanced the date for completing a school […]

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