John F. Harkins
Mechanical Expert Witness

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MERCK Building 60 Ultra Low Temp. Freezer Repair

Harkins was contacted as a certified ultra low temp refrigeration contractor on an emergency call by MSD. The Cincinnati sub-zero freezer room had never worked properly from the day of installation 1995 thru 2/98. We responded within 24 hours and analyzed the multitude of problems that existed. Corrective work started immediately and was completed in […]

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Performed inspection and maintenance during August shout down period to assist and supplement. MERCK’s work force on approximately 150 Ultra low freezer boxes. All work was performed in compliance with MERCK procedures and Federal Join Commisssion (JACO)

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Building 38 Polysac Plumbing U.G. and 450 tons of Roof Top HVAC Units . – Building 75-A under slab piping storm, sanitary, lab waste, fire and domestic water ($180,000.00).

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E. I. DuPont Nemours & Co.

DuPont Automotive Products – Marshall Labs. Harkins & Harkins Mechanical Services, Inc. has installed a complete HVAC system for the new pigment lab wing. In addition, we have done extensive modification, consisting of approximately 4000 running feet of spiral duct, to the air exhaust system on the five-story test lab. Total sales in excess of […]

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Weth Ayerst

Harkins has completed several industrial HVAC, laboratory and office renovation projects in excess of $2,000,000.00.

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