John F. Harkins
Mechanical Expert Witness

Phone: 484-461-3000
Cell: 610-955-6200

Experience Category

Men of Malvern/Laymen’s Retreat League

Retreatant – 1954 to present Associate Captain of Epiphany Group – 1966-80 C. A. Captain of Epiphany Group – 1981 to 1992 Chariman of Annual Fund Appeal – 2006 to present John Ferreckā€™s Founders Award 2006 Joseph O’Donnell Captain Hall of Fame Award 1994

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Children’s Hospital Pre-School Fund

John F. Harkins Children’s Hospital Pre-School Fund – 1981-84

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Dobbins Awards and Participation

Dobbins JFH Scholarship Annual Award – 1981 to present Dobbins Alumni Hall of Fame 2006

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Ed Rendell Finance Committee

Ed Rendell Finance Committee – 1990 to present

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Licenses Personally Held by John Harkins:

Master Plumber: City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania; State of New Jersey Master Electrician: City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania Mechanical Contractor: City of Philadelphia; State of Pennsylvania; State of New Jersey

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