John F. Harkins
Mechanical Expert Witness

Phone: 484-461-3000
Cell: 610-955-6200

Experience Category

Governor’s Management Review Commission (GMRC)

Loaned Executive to the State of New Jersey 1990-1994. Co-Authored Facilities Maintenance Audit – 5/10/91

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Sacred Heart Academy (SHA)

Loaned Executive to (SHA) Sacred Heart Academy – 1985. Chairman New Gymnasium. – 1.5 million.

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Energy Management Consultant (EMC)

Energy Management Consultant (EMC) Men of Malvern/EMC Energy Audit 1981

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Men of Malvern / Property Committee

Men of Malvern/ Property Committee – Member 1978-85

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Men of Malvern / Oratory Committee and Donor

Men of Malvern/ Oratory Committee and Donor – Member 1983-84

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